BEZO’S Translates into Casual Good Dining

For a casual, kid-friendly and student welcoming eatery in Thorold, we checked in to try Bezo’s Bar and Grill, located at 19 Front Street North. When stepping in to the old building the first thing we noticed was the interior shows custard coloured ceilings which is reminiscent of the building when The Overtime Pub was there. Bezo’s has been open for about two years now.
The place sizzles with homey vibes, similar to a typical grandmother’s front room. Bezo’s has an antique fireplace, plastered ceilings, and old pictures of the Welland Canal in Thorold which contributes to those vibes. Bezo’s demonstrates why Front Street has been recognized for its heritage and historical character.
We noticed a classic jukebox that adds to nostalgic ambiance. Wicker plates and red diamond parchment paper, which all add to a casual, family friendly eatery.
The artwork created by kids was displayed on the walls and shows patrons that this is a family restaurant. Kids drinks are offered at this restaurant.
We were thirsty for adult drinks but unfortunately found no promotions on tap. However one of the first things we noticed on the menu was the fair pricing for beer at $4.25 a bottle or $5.53 pint.
The Decew Falls Cream Ale goes down very smoothly with a long finish. This local craft beer tastes fairly light and crisp. It was poured to maximum capacity just how I like it.
Sitting in Bezo’s to wrap up a flavourful summer and another enticing experience, I’ve learned that there’s a reason many people refer to Thorold as God’s Country. This community is like a country of comfort foods and delicious cuisine with sharp flavours that hit your palate.

Appetizer Platter

Appetizer Platter Bezos Bar & Grill

Appetizer Platter: The Appetizer Platter was a great idea. I think more restaurants should follow this trend. You get the choice of three preferred apps and the portions are very generous.
We jumped at the opportunity to taste the Jalapeño Poppers, which offered the perfect amount of spice. Let’s say these Poppers were spicy enough to fire up the heat, but not spicy enough to hurt your mouth.
Bezo’s might be the best Jalapeño Popper I’ve ever had in Thorold and surrounding areas.
The Deep Fried Dills were full of flavour and served with Ranch Sauce to complement the taste.

Bezo’s Chicken Wings

Wings: It is always a good sign when the blue cheese and celery is included in the price of the Chicken Wings. Bezo’s sells wings by the pound; $10.99 for 1lb. This time our order did not have a whole lot of meat on the wings. The wings were relatively small, but they are full of flavour. This is probably why they serve them by the pound. Whether the wing is big or small, a pound is still a pound. And $11 is $11.

Bezo’s Chicken Wrap

Chicken Wrap: You win some and you lose some. The Chicken Wrap was a winner and much bigger than we expected with cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.

This winner was served with choice of salad or fries, but we made a healthy choice with a Garden Salad. The special on Tuesdays sells for $8.99.

Cheers to Friendly Customer Service at Bezo’s

I went to Bezo’s with my sister Christina pictured raising a glass to celebrate her summer break back in Thorold. We both enjoyed the prompt and friendly service by Julie who offered a personal touch for a satisfying dining experience. Like Bezos on Facebook @ Bezos Bar and Grill to stay tuned into casual, affordable, family-friendly dining in Thorold

Jon-Paul Carfagnini

Jon-Paul Carfagnini is a Media Communications student at Brock University and lifetime resident of Thorold, Ontario. As an avid food and culture write, J.P. contributes monthly restaurant reviews for the MY Thorold community newsletter. Supervisors and teachers who have worked with Jon-Paul say that he is a caring and responsible person who tries hard to satisfy the needs of other people. Enthusiasm is a part of his personality that comes out when dealing with people from customers to members of community groups. As a volunteer for numerous charities, J.P. truly believes in the idea of personal improvement through community betterment. A graduate of Denis Morris High School in St. Catharines feels it is important to give back to the community and help people in need. Coaches and players who know J.P. say he is strong on teamwork, on the field, in the classroom, and on the job. He believes that Together Everyone Achieves More by working as a team, and that has showed in the academics and athletics in his career. Co-workers can feel confident that he will bring a positive attitude, a loyal commitment to the workplace, and take instructions to get the job done right.