Bridge 12 Pub – Eatery | Restaurant Review

By Jon-Paul Carfagnini

On Monday my friends and I had the pleasure of eating at Bridge 12 Pub and Eatery. For pub fans, it’s a treasure to be found at 10 River Street in Port Robinson.
Upon arriving we noticed a jumbo sized bar. It was bigger than imagined with several TVs for sports and easy access. This pub has made a case for me to start directing the Sunday football crowds to head south of Allanburg to Bridge 12.
The place wasn’t too busy, but some locals popped in. Some ordered a drink, others wanted ice cream. This eatery has something for almost everyone.
The first thing we noticed was the friendly service. We were welcomed by Elaine; clearly an experienced server. Not only was she friendly but the prompt service along with the comfortable vibes from the pub made us feel right at home.
drinks Promotions
On Monday, the bar pours a 20 oz Budweiser or Bud light for $5 as the daily special. This deal scores for football fans huddling up to watch a good Monday Night Football game at a Thorold pub.
The Saturday promo pours $5 drafts, which is very ideal for students on a budget and with the DD.
Sundays offer $5 Caesars which would also be great for football festivities.
For starters, the three of us split 10 Ravioli Jalapeños for $7.99. Before we finished a game of pool the food was served with our drinks. It was nice to see the efficiency behind the bar.

The Ravioli Jalapeños tasted amazingly delicious. Arguably amongst the best appetizers I have reviewed to date. Served like a jalapeño bite, very crispy and seasoned to our satisfaction. I was very impressed with our appetizer to start.

Jon-Paul Carfagnini – Niagara Food Writer
Pool table and video games at Bridge 12 Pub & Eatery – fun and food for everyone.

As we racked up for a second game of pool, our main course hit the table. So we paused the game and cued up the food.

Matty feasted on the $14 Nacho Platter which he described to be served “exactly how pub nachos are supposed to be.”

Matty Redz – Nachos Afficionado 

The nachos were very customizable with convenient options. You get the Nachos made to order and Matty Redz likes it that way. The platter could easily serve 2 to 4 people. Elaine said she has never seen anyone finish a plate on their own.
The portions were great! Brad and I each ordered a Wrap and they were extremely filling. The subs and sandwiches range from $8.50-12.50 for a steak sub. Based on the portions we enjoyed today it only takes about half a wrap to fill up, especially when you’re crushing 20 ounces of Bud with the boys.

Wings Are “Wet and Yummy”

Before Elaine arrived with our wings, she described them as “wet and yummy,” so I had to try the honey garlic variety. A pound of wings is $9.50, which is a relatively good price. The wings were served very saucy and quite crispy making me want to come in again to watch a game and try their hot wings with a few pints.

Elaine – Bridge 12 Server

In conclusion, Bridge 12 is a very welcoming environment. From locals to families, from $40 bottles of wine to $3 ice cream bowls – Bridge 12 is here to serve all customers from Thorold and neighbouring areas.
With the popularity of other pubs in the vicinity, Bridge 12 has to be in the conversation for students and local Thorold patrons. With friendly service, and great daily promotions it will be tempting to return and to watch a football game with my friends. If you can make the trip to Port Robinson, it is worth the drive to Bridge 12 Pub and Eatery.

Jon-Paul Carfagnini

Jon-Paul Carfagnini is a Media Communications student at Brock University and lifetime resident of Thorold, Ontario. As an avid food and culture write, J.P. contributes monthly restaurant reviews for the MY Thorold community newsletter. Supervisors and teachers who have worked with Jon-Paul say that he is a caring and responsible person who tries hard to satisfy the needs of other people. Enthusiasm is a part of his personality that comes out when dealing with people from customers to members of community groups. As a volunteer for numerous charities, J.P. truly believes in the idea of personal improvement through community betterment. A graduate of Denis Morris High School in St. Catharines feels it is important to give back to the community and help people in need. Coaches and players who know J.P. say he is strong on teamwork, on the field, in the classroom, and on the job. He believes that Together Everyone Achieves More by working as a team, and that has showed in the academics and athletics in his career. Co-workers can feel confident that he will bring a positive attitude, a loyal commitment to the workplace, and take instructions to get the job done right.