Brock University ConEd Students Make Positive Difference for Elementary Schools

We hear many stories giving a bad grade for rowdy behaviour by Brock University students living in our community , but here is the rest of the story that shows another side we should appreciate.

Step into Burleigh Hill School or Prince of Wales School when the Brock University Concurrent Education students show up and everyone can see the joy among the kids in elementary grades having fun and learning valuable lessons with the student teachers.

Erika & Melissa | Brock University ConEd StudentsBrock University Concurrent Education students organized a spring play day around the theme of Fairy Tales for the students of Burleigh Hill School on April 10. Pictured here, Concurrent Education Student Association members Erika & Melissa show the gift bag that each child received as a reward for participating in the fairytale themed STEM challenges, crafts, and active games in order to encourage different types of thinking.

The event was organized by Corrina Centritto, Mella Gashi, and Rachel Henderson (CESA event coordinators), under the leadership of Nathalie Jackson (CESA VP) and Tayler Villamere (CESA President).

The day’s activities included fairytale themed STEM challenges, crafts, and active games in order to encourage different types of thinking and appeal to each child’s interests.

A team effort with 60 volunteers in attendance at the event included 35 members of the Concurrent Education Student Association and 25 volunteers from the faculty as a whole. Each child received a gift bag at the event, which included a book, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, pencil, healthy snacks, and various fun little toys (bubbles, bouncy ball).

In December, the Brock University ConEd students hold the annual Holdiay Extravaganza. Holiday Extravaganza is the Brock Concurrent Education Student Association’s longest running and most anticipated event. It is held each December at Prince of Wales Public School in Thorold, Ontario. Some say, Prince of Wales School is among the lowest socioeconomic schools in the District School Board of Niagara.  Thus, their students are greatly in need of cheer and care during the holiday season. On the day of the event, Brock student volunteers are paired one-on-one with each of the school’s 150 students (from kindergarten to grade 8). CESA plans various crafts, games, and activities for the pairs to participate in together.

Various special guests (mascots, princesses, Fire Department) also visited throughout the day to add more excitement. Holiday Extravaganza culminates with Santa presenting a personalized gift to each child.  The gifts were purchased by their Brock student volunteers. In addition, each student received a donation package of care items, such as socks, mittens, toothbrushes, and a book!

And now you know the rest of the story when it comes to Brock University students making a positive difference in our community.

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