Club Capri – Fish and Chips – Cabbage Rolls – Steak Cheese Sub – Lasagna Food Review

How do we get energized after feeling down during the red zone restrictions across Niagara?

For a Friday Family Feast to celebrate March Madness last week, we picked up take out food and continued to support local business. The April Food Review features Club Capri in My Thorold. It’s now more than 12 months into the pandemic and we are happy to see Club Capri has picked up their takeout food service to score big points at our family table.

Steak and Cheese Sub, 12 inches, $14

Steak Cheese Sub Sandwich – $14 at Club Capri, Thorold

Nicely seasoned slices of beef, topped with shredded lettuce and thinly slices of tomato, all dressed nicely with a mild mayo-style sauce that did not overpower the ingredients. All this food is stuffed into a 12 inch long bun that was soft on the inside and slightly crispy on outside. Cheese lovers would probably be wishing for a bit more melted mozzarella, but overall the generous portion was very filling with more than enough veggies.

We sliced the sub into four pieces to taste as an appetizer.

One of the best subs I ever tasted.

Maria Carfagnini

Soppressata from John’s Meat Shop

As a second appetizer, we sliced up a Soppressata from John’s Meat Shop on Pine Street that has been hanging in my cantina since January. It was a feast of spicy Italian flavours packed in the cured pork sausage. It was definitely worth the few months of TLC for this soppressatta taste experience. There probably won’t be a Soppressatta Night at Club Capri this spring, so we sliced up the links and enjoyed every single bite to spice up Friday night.

Main 1. Fish and Chips

For the Primo, first course, the Fish and Chips Dinner was a good catch for our Friday Feast. The fish was tender and delicious in a thin and crisp batter with a crunchy texture and golden brown colour to please the eyes.

Bite for bite, the fish was well cooked and flaky with just the right flavour and not greasy, lightly battered and crispy. The dinner package was satisfying to enjoy the generous sized portions of fish. The French Fries were shoestring cut, not greasy, but probably frozen product, not bad, but it would be better to get fresh cut potatoes, which is rare and hard to find these days.

No tartar sauce was included in our package and no coleslaw. So if you enjoy these condiments to enhance your fish dinner, stock up or you might be disappointed.

Overall, the Fish and Chips Dinner including two pieces of fish for $15, we feel is an excellent value and very satisfying main course.

Main 2. Cabbage Rolls

For the Secondo, second course, we heated up their tray of 14 Cabbage Rolls in Tomato Sauce ($32).

While we enjoyed the starters, the oven was heating up at 400 degrees (F). Bake for about one hour; more or less time depending on your stove. Bake a bit longer, maybe 15 more mintues if you prefer the cabbage softer and well done.

Overall the savoury flavour of the substantial cabbage rolls pleased the family. Rolled firmly and packed perfectly, the cabbage leaves were stuffed with a balanced mix of ground meat and rice. Smothered in a tangy tomato sauce, the Cabbage Rolls were a delicious all-in-one meal loaded with all the nutritious food groups.

The Club Capri tomato sauce was a bit too tangy and tart for my family’s tastes. It’s just not the same flavours that we are accustomed to enjoy with the homemade Italian style salsa we savour on Sugo Sundays. We will definitely order the cabbage rolls again, because they’re yummy, but next time we will ask for no sauce topping, so we can smother the rolls with our own homeade tomato sauce.

Desserts – Cannoli from Riganelli’s Bakery

If you have a sweet tooth to satisfy, Club Capri offers Fresh Baked Strudels ($5) and Fresh Baked Pies ($7). We preferred to turn south on Ormond Street and popped into Riganelli’s Bakery to pick up their Sicilian style Cannoli to enjoy as a sweet sensation with a Espresso super charged with Sambuca to the finish our Friday Family Feast.

Round Two: Lasagna Sunday

We also picked up a 5 pound tray of frozen Lasagna ($37) to heat up for lunch on Sunday. Bake for approximately 1 hour at 350 degrees F.

The Club Capri Lasagna was a big hit. The Lasagna noodles were thick and chewy. If you like the thicker style lasagna noodles, Club Capri would be a good choice. Layered with mounds of meaty filling with plenty of mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce, the Club Capri Lasagna was luscious; visually appealing, delicious taste and enticing smell of spicy aroma.

In case you’re interested, the Club Capri Take Out Menu offers a few pasta options including Chicken Parm and Pasta, Penne and Meatballs, and their famous Lasagna. Click here to view the Cllub Capri Take Out Menu.

Check out Club Capri for their famous Good Friday Fish Fry, April 2, 3 pm to 6 pm, available only on take-out orders. Don’t be disappointed, place your pre orders in by calling 905-227-0121.

How do you like the foods at Club Capri? Join the convversation on My Thorold Facebook page as try to support small businesses in our communty.

Paul Carfagnini

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