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If you are on the hunt for a submarine sandwich restaurant in Niagara there are numerous options on a long list for you to choose. Now we can add a new sub shop to the local list with the opening of Coatesy’s Kitchen. 

Locally owned and operated by Mike Coates, the menu offers freshly prepared take-out foods and catering platters at his new business located at 50A Front St. S., Thorold.

If you go to Coatesy’s get ready to enjoy a submarine sandwich. Although the menu offers salads and soups, the main course is a submarine sandwich, which you might call a sub, panini, sangweech, hoagie, gyro, foot-long or other name.  Anyway you call it, a sub is a sandwich made with a long roll of Italian or French style bread, split from top to bottom, and stuffed with a variety of meats, cheeses, vegetables, seasonings, and sauces. 

Spicy Assorted Sub

On a chilly afternoon in late December, I was happy to find free parking near Coatesy’s placed on Front Street. Along with my son Jon-Paul once inside the small but cozy shop, we were welcomed politely by owner Mike at the counter.

Based on a recommendation from a friend, I ordered the Spicy Assorted Sub, which is layered nicely with calabrese, hot salami, capicola. I asked to keep it simple, topped with lettuce and Italian dressing to balance the saltiness of the cured meats. Mike popped on slices of cheese with the mix of spicy meats inside the fresh, soft and spongy bread. The overall taste was enjoyable with a bold burst of flavours.  The meats excited the taste buds with a one-two punch of salty and spicy sensations from the calabrese flavours.  

Let’s face it, Spicy Assorted is not the healthiest option on Coatesy’s menu, but it tastes delicious. So, if your palate is pleased by spicy Italian flavours, then this sub will satisfy your appetite.  

Coatesy’s Roast Beef Sub

As a second fast-food option, Coatesy’s Roast Beef Sub was tasty and satisfying. The meat tasted scrumptious with the crisp freshness of the lettuce, topped with pickles and horse radish. It’s a decent on-the-go option if you’re hungry for a beefy meal without going all-in for a burger.

If variety is the spice of life, Coatesy’s offers the combo choice of two meats with cheese, or three meats with cheese for a sub made to order.

Whether you order a small or large size, Coatesy’s invites customers to dress the sub with sauces and veggie toppings to suit their tastes and appetite.

Choose toppings such as lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, pickles, black olives, hot peppers, feta cheese, or mozzarella cheese. 

Sauce options include mayonnaise, mustard, honey mustard, chipotle, hot sauce, Italian dressing, Greek dressing, and Garlic mayo.

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Good Food @ Fair Price = Great Coatsey’s Value

Jon-Paul checks out Coatesy’s value-packed menu. It would be enticing to see their selection expanded to feature subs such as Meatball, Chicken Parm, Steak & Cheese, Tuna among submarine sandwiches.

Thanks to owner Mike Coates for taking  good care of our order with friendly hometown customer service. Mike mentioned plans to introduce Espresso coffee and other possibilities to enhance the selection at Coatesy’s in the future. Stay tuned in what’s happening Coatesy’s Kitchen on their Facebook page or phone  905-227-5554.

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