Cosmo’s Diner Review | Good Comfort Food | Nostalgia Decor

Cosmos Diner _ Review _ Jon-Paul Carfagnini

By Jon-Paul Carfagnini, Brock University student

Named after its original owner, Cosmo’s Diner has shown pride in maintaining Thorold’s culture and traditions over the past quarter century.
For more than 25 years, Cosmo’s current owners Karen and Nabil have set a higher standard for breakfast and lunch in downtown Thorold. Karen steps up front as Cosmo’s server, while Nabil is in the kitchen and cooks the comfort foods.
Located at 26 Front St N. Thorold, the popular eatery offers the “Create Your Own Breakfast” option which is a great value. I would recommend this option to any university or college students in the area.
Co-owner & server, Karen says Cosmo’s serves a mix of demographics, while welcoming people of all different age groups. For any age or background, there is always a great way to start your day at Cosmo’s. I was fortunate enough to dine out with my Dad and our buddy Matty Redz.

“Create Your Own Breakfast”

Matty ordered the “Create Your Own Breakfast” ($10). This is Matty’s go-to choice at Cosmo’s Diner. If you ask him, he would say the Home Fries taste fresh and scrumptious. Cosmo’s spuds are soft on the inside just how they should be. Cosmo’s offers eggs to satisfy your tastes and they offer white or whole wheat toast.

Cosmo’s has upped the game in the Grilled Cheese Sandwich market in Niagara. No restaurant we have reviewed has had a wider variety of the classic grilled cheese delights. It was tough for me to make a selection but I landed on one of my favourites, The Lobster Grilled Cheese ($15).

Lobster Grilled Cheese $15

Made with fresh bakery bread, the sandwich was very tasty and crunchy; toasted a bit too crunchy. Customers can request less crunch in the toasted bread based on their preferences.




Platter $15

Lastly, we enjoyed a Strawberry Crepe Platter ($15) which came with more of Cosmo’s excellent Home Fries, 3 strips of Turkey Bacon, Toasted Bread, and for me, Scrambled Eggs. The crepes were very soft and chewy; super sweet and served with fresh whipped cream. I was very happy to have the crepe like a dessert to follow the sandwich.
Fair portions and the garnishes including sauces enhanced their dishes to create a visually appealing presentation.

It was fairly busy on a Friday morning, however the quality of the service did not suffer as a result of this. I was happy to chat with Karen and learn a little bit about the background of the restaurant.

Nostalgia from the 50’s Enhances Cosmo’s Decor

From posters in the entrance to tables inside Cosmo’s Diner, memorabilia enhances decor
with images of our local heritage

Nostalgia fills Cosmo’s ambiance as we were surrounded by Marilyn Monroe memorabilia as well as Elvis and James Dean portraits enhancing the decor. Customers can reminisce about the good times that have passed Thorold. A signed photo of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper commemorating his visit in 2008 to Cosmo’s is displayed in the entranceway along with a vintage poster of Community Dairy that operated in the building many ice cream creations ago.

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