Downtown Thorold 2020 Community Survey

Downtown Thorold BIA community survey 2020

Have your say in shaping our community by participating in a 2020 survey to help form a flourishing future in downtown Thorold.
The public survey sponsored by the Thorold Business Improvement Area along with other community stakeholders will be open to all people in an online format. Additionally, a random sample of respondents including Thorold/Niagara residents will be surveyed.
The community survey is an opportunity for respondents to share their ideas and opinions on key points of interests such as the questions, just to list a few:

  • What business, service or event do you want in the downtown that is not currently available?
  • What is the primary reason you go to downtown Thorold?
  • If the BIA could change one thing to help you come to the Downtown area more often what would it be?

“We think it is highly important to have the perspective of people from across our community to shape the downtown vision because the downtown is for everyone,” stated BIA Chair Serge Carpino.

BIA Chair Serge Carpino

As a community-minded organization, the Thorold Business Improvement Area strives to revitalize, improve, beautify, maintain and promote our local downtown as a whole. The BIA works diligently to keep the downtown area a clean, safe and attractive business and shopping destination for local residents and visitors.
By participating in this survey, respondents will help the BIA accomplish important objectives in 2020.
The community’s input will also be used in forming a new marketing strategy. As the City of Thorold undertakes the reconstruction of Front Street in 2020, findings from this survey will help form the foundation of a new Thorold BIA marketing and communications plan.

“Our overall vision is to enhance the downtown area so that everyone is encouraged to shop, dine, and play in a great community,” said Susan Morin, Thorold Tourism agent.

Thorold Tourism agent, Susan Morin.

Go to Survey Monkey to take the survey, just click this link or the button above. Please submit your answers by February 21, 2020.
If you have questions or comments, please contact Paul Carfagnini, marketing strategy consultant, phone 905-328-5296, or email

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