People Are Talking About Downtown Thorold Reconstruction Plan

The buzz is growing in conversations about the Front Street reconstruction and new marketing plan for Downtown Thorold. Media coverage (610 CKTB, The Standard, Thorold News, Niagara This Week), survey respondents, and the talk of the town has engaged the community in an exciting conversation about local businesses.

Pictured above, Star Metroland Reporter Satbir Singh interviewed BIA Chair Serge Carpino, pictured in front of the project drawings on display at Biscotti Cafe. See news article in The Standard and Niagara This Week.

Photo by Paul Carfagnini, Marketing Consultant

Community Survey Starts Conversation

We started the conversation asking strategic questions in a community survey conducted in January by the Thorold Business Area (BIA). More than 242 respondents from the general public joined the survey and answered 10 questions with their ideas to help form a solution for our downtown’s future.
The survey is part of a communications plan for the Front Street reconstruction project slated to start in early spring.

During the project, Front Street will be closed to motor traffic as the construction crews will build new sidewalks, roads, sewer, landscaping and other infrastructure from Regent Street up to Sullivan Ave. and Clairmont St. The BIA also wants to emphasize that businesses will be open for customers and parking lots will be available during the reconstruction. There are legitimate concerns but we’re trying to ease the pain by letting people know that at any given time you’re going to have access to your business.

Thorold BIA Chair, Serge Carpino

Survey findings will be analysed later in February by the BIA to shape a new marketing strategy to promote the downtown that’s in tune with the community’s interests. Questions in the survey covered important issues in the development of the downtown area such as public parking, available services and products, as well as reasons people go to the area, and how often they go there.

What Would You Change in Downtown Thorold?

A key question asked survey respondents what they would change in the downtown core to come to the area more often. Here is a preview of some of the interesting comments in the survey:
• More greenery, shade, benches, etc.
• Larger variety of retail services
• More family events, community festivals
• Outdoor cafés with entertainment
• Diversity in types of products available
• More heritage signage, street decor
• Fitness centre
• Replace cobblestone in street; safety hazard
• Cleaner, atmosphere, well lit areas, a safer environment • Promote the downtown to cyclists riding the Niagara Circle Route.
• Thorold has similar challenges as many historic downtowns. The appearance has improved and won the Prince of Wales Heritage Award.

This is only a partial list of comments extracted from the survey responses.

Survey Summary Report To Be Review in February

A full summary report including survey findings will be presented to the BIA in preparation for the next phase in the project’s communications plan and development of a new marketing strategy. Join the conversation on or

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