Marjorie Hodgins Estate Donates $1000 to TCAG

TCAG Founding Board 1981

The Estate of Marjorie Hodgins recently donated $1,000 to the Thorold Community Activities Group.  A Founding Board Member of the Thorold Community Activities Group in 1981, Marjorie passed away in March 15, 2019, in her 101st year. Marjorie was predeceased by her husband Ernest B. (“Irish”) Hodgins and her daughter Maureen. 

Marjorie Hodgins

The mother of Sheilagh, Brooke and Thomas, Marjorie also had 6 Grandchildren and 8 Great Grandchildren.

In the fall of 2019, TCAG Executive Director Dan Pelletier attended Mrs. Hodgins’ memorial service in Thorold and was reacquainted with Marjorie’s son Tom.  Dan worked with Tom briefly in the mid 1980’s.  At the service, Tom recalled he was a youth delegate member of the TCAG Board of Directors.  This experience makes Tom eligible for the TCAG Honourary Board of Governors (HBOG).

Recently, Tom contacted Dan with news of the donation to the TCAG from Marjorie’s Estate.  Pictured above in the TCAG group photo taken in 1981, Marjorie is seated left in front row.

TCAG Special Bursary in Memory of Marjorie Hodgins

“We reviewed some options regarding the allocation of the funds and agreed to establish a special bursary in memory of Founder Marjorie.  The $1,000 will be set aside for the inaugural TCAG Youth Leadership Camp this summer,”

Dan Pelletier, Executive Director, Thorold Community Activities Group

Eligible young leaders-to-be, who wish to participate in the Camp but are unable to afford the full fee, will receive assistance through the bursary.

“I am very pleased to share this news, thanks to Tom and the legacy of our past leaders like Marjorie Hodgins and her husband Ernest B. (“Irish”) Hodgins,”

Dan Pelletier, Executive Director, Thorold Community Activities Group

Thoroldites might also remember Ernest (deceased) as a former employee at Henderson’s Pharmacy in Thorold many years ago.

“Irish worked for many, many years with my Father and me. While he was working for the Thorold Public School Board and later the Niagara South Board he would work evenings and parts of weekends helping with bookkeeping and checking orders. He was always a kind, considerate gentle man and very community minded person who was a keen reader,”

John Henderson, owner / pharmacist, Henderson’s Pharmacy.

Henderson’s Pharmacy is also a loyal supporter of the Thorold Community Activities Group.

For more information on the bursary in memory of Marjorie Hodgins, contact Dan Pelletier, TCAG, Executive Director, 905 227 0545  Ext 24, or email

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