Fall Health Tips- Allergies – Cold – Cough – Vitamins

As students and teachers head Back-to-School, and we all move into the Fall season, a range of health and wellness conditions peak at this time of the year. We see the days become shorter and cooler in Thorold and the leaves change color across the Niagara Peninsula. Try these healthy tips from the experts at Henderson’s Pharmacy in Thorold to help prevent common illnesses that rise during the Fall and Winter season.

Henderson’s Pharmacy Welcomes Aram to Pharmacist Team

With a continued commitment to excellent customer service for our community, Henderson’s Pharmacy welcomed Aram to their pharmacist team.

Aram is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto and will happily help you with any of your medication or over the counter concerns.

As a member of Henderson’s team of pharmacists, Aram can offer tips to treat illnesses that flourish in the Fall and Winter

Speak with Aram at Henderson’s Pharmacy, 15 Front St. S. Thorold, or phone 905-227-2511.

Advice to Manage Allergic Reactions

For example, ragweed and mold spores are the biggest allergy triggers in the Fall. Allergic reactions can occur without warning. With careful planning and the proper support, your child can experience a safe school year. Parents can help their children get off to a good start for this school year. Henderson’s Pharmacy is a good place to begin. Speak with one of the pharmacists at Henderson’s Pharmasave for advice on your health concerns. Ask us for healthy tips to boost your kids’ physical and emotional well-being.

Treatments for Head Lice

When children go back to school, head lice can turn up. The good news is you can prevent and treat them. Speak with you pharmacist at Henderson’s Pharmacy for advice on this type of health concern.

Are Vitamins Right for You?

Stay healthy this Fall and Winter with vitamins. Our bodies need vitamin D to absorb calcium, the major building block of bone. It boosts the body’s ability to absorb calcium by up to 80%. Vitamin D becomes especially important as we get older when calcium is less efficiently absorbed. Ask Aram or one of the other pharmacists at Henderson’s Pharmacy what products are right for you.

Cold and Cough Prevention

Let’s take steps to stop colds before they start. Wash your hands often to help prevent colds. The team at Henderson’s Pharmacy is prepared to help with local service 7 days a week.

Plan to Get the Flu Shot

Get prepared for flu season this year by getting your flu shot. As it takes two weeks to build up antibodies, the sooner you can get it, the better. Stay tuned for news on the flu shot service when it becomes available for patients at Henderson’s Pharmacy.

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