Businesses Are Open – Front Street Revitalization Proceeding Effectively

Front Street revitalization june update

Businesses are open on Front Street as construction is proceeding in an effective way.

This is a positive update on the Front Street revitalization project in Thorold
from City Engineer, Sean Dunsmore reporting the construction is proceeding effectively

Sean says the contractor has completed the main line watermain
and connected to the municipal system at Albert Street. This leads to the change over from the old main to the new main. 

As businesses are now open for customers, properties on Front Street will be receiving notices on an individual basis. Each property will face a minor water shut off to allow the switch.

Front Street property owners will be notified at least 24 hours in advance
and the water shut off will be minimal about 4 to 6 hours. At the same time the main line sanitary and storm have proceeded and have reached the intersection of Sullivan – Clairmont and Front.

Sean Dunsmore, Engineer, City of Thorold

This means most of the deep digging is complete and in the coming days the contractor will be switching the sanitary connection for each property.

In late June, once these two items are complete it will be time to start constructing the road on Front Street.  The contractor will begin the road works, starting with curb followed by sidewalk, asphalt and finishes.

During the construction, free parking is open in all city lots. New signs produced by the Thorold Business Improvement Area are being installed by the City of Thorold and project contractor in major intersections in the downtown area to inform people businesses are open during the construction.

View Video Showing Project Progressing Effectively

Stay tuned for Front Street Revitalization updates and please SHOP LOCAL! SHOP THOROLD!!!

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