Italian Heritage Month Unique Celebrations – Physical Distancing – Small Groups

Italian heritage month Thorold 2020

New, unique ways to celebrate Italian Heritage Month will tap our creativity in Thorold during the COVID-19 rules of physical distancing, small groups and other measures. The perseverance embedded in the Italian Canadian culture will show its desire to celebrate in June.

By proclaiming the month of June as Italian Heritage Month many years ago, the Province of Ontario recognized the important contributions immigrants have made in building communities and the economic, political, social and cultural achievements of Italian Canadians throughout the province. Italian Heritage Month is an opportunity to remember, celebrate and educate future generations about Ontario’s rich history.

In Thorold as well as other communities across Ontario and other places around the world, June has traditionally been a time for feasts and community events to celebrate Italian Heritage Month. Traditionally, places like Club Capri, Club Belvedere, Club Roma, Club Castropignano, Club Italia, local restaurants, and other organizations would host events to celebrate Italian Heritage Month. It is going to be very different this year because of the COVID-19 crisis.

So people in Thorold and across the Niagara Peninsula need to find new, fun ways to celebrate all things Italian in June, while physical distancing in small groups.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Cook a pasta dinner, roast a porchetta, or have pizza party
  • Order take-out foods from Club Capri, Sons of Italy
  • Watch a fun flick like Moonstruck
  • Reading an Italian-themed book (Thorod Public Library has curbside pick-up)
  • Sip a glass of vino made by one of the Niagara vintners of Italian ancestry ( e.g. Pillitteri Estates Winery)
  • Enjoy the music of Michael Buble or other singers with Italian roots
  • Take a ride on a Vespa
  • Grow tomato plants or a fig tree in your garden
  • What are your ideas to celebrate the Italian culture in Thorold?

This month of special recognition provides us the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding contributions that Italian-Canadians have achieved in contributing to the prosperity and growth of the City of Thorold, the Region of Niagara, and province of Ontario.

Thorold is home to thousands people of Italian ancestry,  and we are celebrating the heritage of more than one million residents of Ontario. When the Italian immigrants arrived in Canada, they faced many challenges as newcomers, while they also packed up their rich cultural heritage.  Italian immigrants arrived in Canada settled in places like Thorold and showed their communities a strong dedication to family, friendships, respecting their neighbours, and a strong work ethic.

Over the years, the Italian community in Niagara has made and can be expected to continue to demonstrate impressive professional accomplishments in music, business, politics, journalism, healthcare, and other sectors of our society.  Let us never forget those who sacrificed their lives for their country.

Join us in showing gratitude for the Italian community’s vast contributions to the growth of our region and province. We invite all Thoroldites to learn more about the rich heritage of our neighbours of Italian ancestry and how they have inspired generations to continue to make our community a better place to live, play, and conduct businesses.

As we celebrate in June, let’s say cheers to the vibrant Italian heritage in Thorold as we appreciate the values of diversity, inclusiveness, and mutual respect for all people because we are stronger together and united in the multicultural city of Thorold.

How will you celebrate Italian Heritage Month in Thorold? Join the conversation our Facebook page.

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