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JC Pâtissier Opens New Bakery Cafe Featuring Crepes

JC Pâtissier is a new French style cafe in Downtown Thorold. The eatery located at 33 Front St. South, Thorold, specializes in an exquisite selection of crepes as well as baked goods and beverages.
The current crepes menu offers 14 options covering a variety of fillings. All crepes are in the $13-14 price range. The Savoury Crepes include Chicken Mushroom, 3 Cheeses, Omelet, Italian, Mediterranean, Montreal Smoke Meat, Spinach Ricotta, and Tuna Melt.
Are your taste buds dancing yet?
For the sweet crepes, you can try the Banana Caramel, Hot Apple Cinnamon, Maple Butter, Mix Berry, Peaches and Cream, French Vanilla.
Foodies say crepes are the European cousin of American pancakes. That’s probably because crepes are larger, but thinner and more delicate than American style pancakes. That’s a result of the thinner batter with no leavening agent to give the crepes any lift and fluffiness like pancakes. Although the crepes taste a bit like pancakes, the JC style is definitely not fluffy.

What’s the difference between Sweet and Savoury Crepes?

Sweet crepes are traditionally made with regular wheat flour. Typically, they are slightly sweetened with sugar. Try these crepes for breakfast or dessert. Sweet crepes are usually served with syrup, fruits, chocolate or Nutella.
Buckwheat flour is a key ingredient in savoury crepes. Hence, they are naturally gluten free and flavoured with a nutty taste. Savoury crepes are typically eaten for lunch or dinner, but there is no rule you can’t enjoy them for breakfast, or just a snack. At JC Pâtissier you will find their savoury crepes are filled with wholesome fillings like chicken, smoke meat, cheese, tuna, eggs, spinach or mushrooms.

Crepes. Baked Desserts. Cakes. Coffees. Teas. Smoothies

The JC Pâtissier menu includes cakes, baked goods like macaroons, pastries, muffins, cookies, and much more at the eatery that has been open for one week.

Croissants – Biscotti – Because Life Is Too Short, Eat Dessert First

The interior wall at JC Patissier is covered with their slogan that says it all: “Life Is Too Short, Eat Dessert First”. So for lunch today we started with their yummy Cheese Croissant and Almond Croissant ($3.50). The buttery freshness was packed in a crackly, oven-crisped shell. We could taste the freshness of the croissants that were still soft and warm. JC’s flaky, multi-layered pastry was golden-brown, a soft but crisp outer layer covered a well-balanced sweetness for a rich chewy body. The light buttery aroma enhanced the taste of this delectable food.
Biscotti is a family favourite, so we figure it would be a challenge for JC to match our Italian-style homemade goodies. They offer Biscotti, 2 per pack ($2) including Almond, Hazelnut, and Pistachio. Their biscotti are sliced a bit thinner than our traditional style, but that is understandable given the price point. Overall, the JC biscotti proved to be a tasty combo with fine espresso.
For beverages, JC offers a variety of coffees, espresso, teas, hot chocolate, and smoothies. We noticed a few customers enjoying High Tea.

European Style Decor

Lydia from Creekview Floral congratulates JC Patissier owner Juan on their grand opening.

Like the crepes and croissants that they make, it’s what’s inside JC Pâtissier that is also impressive. The interior conveys the vibes of a European café. It’s a bright and fresh setting, illuminated with abundant light with large windows, enhanced by a historic decor with rustic brick walls, warm wood floors and creative art around the café. The encased clear counter captures customer attention for everyone to check out the colourful desserts on display. Behind the counter, customers can view the culinary team in action assembling the crepes, pouring coffee or espresso, and taking care of customers.
Like a good crepe, JC Pâtissier is filled with good service starting with a sincere smile by the owners / operators, Juan and Zahara offering a warm welcome followed by friendly and professional attention to customer satisfaction. Check out JC Pâtissier and let us know if you’re starting to eat dessert first!