Karma Kameleon Gastro Pub Is Unique Fusion Dining

By Jon-Paul Carfagnini
On my initial visit to the Karma Kameleon Gastro Pub with my Dad, one of the first things I noticed was the culinary ambiance. I could tell from the first impression that the Karma Kameleon is a unique leader when it comes to a finer side of casual dining in Thorold.
For example, I never have been served complimentary Cucumber Water at a Thorold eatery. This shows Karma Kameleon is in a unique position.
The rustic decor along with a diverse menu creates an enticing experience.

Karma Kameleon offers a rare selection of craft beers. For $7.50 I opted for the 20-ounce Landshark. Although Karma Kameleon is known to be pricey, I feel the beer promotion is a thirst-quenching deal.

Karma Kameleon “Introductions”

Karma Kameleon refers to their appetizers as Introductions. I was very fond of the Tempura Calamari Rings. For $13 this Introduction was a fair portion. The Calamari tasted tender and crispy. The tangy aioli sauce was infused with garlic and citrus for the perfect zing to compliment the Calamari Rings.

Tempura Calamari Rings

We were unimpressed with the presentation in a metal wire basket lined with a recycled newspaper around a base of chopped greens under the Calamari.
On the upside, the calamari and sauce tasted great, and that’s our priority.

Blue Burger

We shared the mains. I ordered the Blue Burger special of the day. Served with portobello mushroom, bacon and blue cheese with lettuce and tomato.

Blue Burger – Karma Kameleon special of the day – Dec. 1, 2019

This mouthwatering Hand-held beauty was served on a plank with home-cut French Fries on side. Based on their house standard, the Blue Burger was cooked medium rare just how I like it. The flavour from each topping complemented the mix arousing my taste buds with an array of flavours. It was an exquisite taste.

Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Karma Kameleon’s famous Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Mixed Greens Salad

My Dad knows what he is doing in restaurants so he ordered their acclaimed Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Mixed Greens Salad. The sandwich was packed with meat and served to perfection with grilled cheese bread, 4 cheese mix, spinach and tomato. This fusion of flavour melts in your mouth. We would order this winner again.
The food definitely exceeded my expectations for quality. I would feel comfortable bringing a visitor to this restaurant to show what our city has to offer. I would be confident that they will be impressed too by the cool and creative decor.

Efficient & Friendly Service

To top it up, the service by Keeta was extremely efficient and friendly too. Although the restaurant was busy, the food came out very quickly and my appetite was satisfied in a flash of a pan.
When the entertainment budget allows and I want to enjoy a superb dining experience in Thorold, Karma Kameleon would be on the list. Overall, their prices are relatively higher on our local scale, but the quality matches up, so it proves, we get what we pay for.

Jon-Paul Carfagnini

Jon-Paul Carfagnini is a Media Communications student at Brock University and lifetime resident of Thorold, Ontario. As an avid food and culture write, J.P. contributes monthly restaurant reviews for the MY Thorold community newsletter. Supervisors and teachers who have worked with Jon-Paul say that he is a caring and responsible person who tries hard to satisfy the needs of other people. Enthusiasm is a part of his personality that comes out when dealing with people from customers to members of community groups. As a volunteer for numerous charities, J.P. truly believes in the idea of personal improvement through community betterment. A graduate of Denis Morris High School in St. Catharines feels it is important to give back to the community and help people in need. Coaches and players who know J.P. say he is strong on teamwork, on the field, in the classroom, and on the job. He believes that Together Everyone Achieves More by working as a team, and that has showed in the academics and athletics in his career. Co-workers can feel confident that he will bring a positive attitude, a loyal commitment to the workplace, and take instructions to get the job done right.