Marion Grobb Finkelstein Book Launch | The Finkelstein Factor

Thorold-born author and communication consultant, Marion Grobb Finkelstein, believes the pain of life challenges doesn’t have to last forever. In her newly released book, The Finkelstein Factor: What to do when things go wrong … because you know they will (sigh), Grobb guides readers through a series of practical steps to shift their mindset, flip negative events into positive outcomes, and then let go. Based on her trademarked approaches honed through decades of workshops and keynotes presented nationwide, this book distills her most popular and practical strategies for coping with adversity and building resiliency.

  • The book is set to launch as follows:
  • DATE: Thursday, September 12th
  • TIME: 7 pm to 9 pm
  • PLACE: Loft 123 Event Venue
  • 123 Queenston St., St. Catharines
  • COST: $5 early bird tickets; $10 regular
  • Attendees may pre-order copies for pick-up at the launch

Leaning into her communication expertise, Grobb explains, “Resiliency and dealing with difficult situations begins by communicating with yourself and ends by communicating with others”. Having lived through broken dreams, health issues, and bully bosses, Grobb is no stranger to adversity and shares surefire ways to reclaim enthusiasm, confidence, and the ability to move forward.

This book launch features a mini-keynote as Grobb presents her 3-step process, offers relatable real-life stories, and features several excerpt readings. The presentation and readings are followed by Q&A, book signing, and networking.

Launching her book in the Niagara region is significant as Grobb’s roots run deep in this area. Although she transplanted to Ottawa shortly after graduating from Brock University to serve as director of communications for several federal institutions, the draw of Niagara pulled her back into the region several years ago.

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