Merrittville Wood Fired Pizza – Thorold

A desire for a unique experience to top off Italian Heritage Month in Thorold tempted my taste buds to try the new Merrittville Wood Fire Pizza.
Located right in front of Merrittville Speedway, this new wood-fired pizza booth offers takeout adjacent to an ice-cream shop at the northeast corner of the parking lot facing Merrittville Highway in Thorold. A few picnic tables are set up along the parking lot if you want to sit and eat “al fresco.”

At Merrittville Speedway

Although there is not much of a dining ambiance around the place, it is a hot spot near the speedway especially on Saturday nights.

The customer service is very friendly and accommodating. As a pizza lover, I was there mainly for the meat.

Meat Lover Pizza

Obviously, I ordered the Meat Lover. That’s the perfect name for this carnivore’s pleasure. I am happy to say the pie was light with a thin crispy crust and only a slight flop. The crust was smothered heavily with quality meat-eater toppings for a fusion of flavours that tasted delicious. The Meat Lover comes loaded with sauce, cheese, pepperoni, bacon, ham, and the spicy sausage is yummy, bursting with a tangy flavour. The tomato sauce is savoury complimenting the cheese and meat toppings.

My pizza partner for this tasting, Jon-Paul says the Merrittville pizza is soft and tasty on top and crispy on the bottom. That’s the perfect texture for his tastes, so he was very pleased.

Jon-Paul Carfagnini, Niagara Food Reviewer

The Meat Lover, 12 inch, 8 slice pizza costs $17 ( add tax) , which is a premium price compared to other pizzerias in Thorold. But this is a unique culinary experience around here. Sure, the price is probably higher for their specialty pizzas, but we really enjoyed a unique and delicious meal.

The extra thin crust was well cooked and slightly charred, which was not a problem for us because the char creates a  crispy, bubbly, smoky, flavourul pizza. Depending on your tastes, you might mention it to the chef to cook to your char preference.

Actually, Pizza Chef Danny toasted the pie a bit too much the first time he popped my order into the flaming hot 800 degree oven. So with no question or hesitation he jumped right on it again and made a fresh pie for me.

That showed me their commitment to customer satisfaction. In a few minutes, presto, my pizza was hot and ready to enjoy.

Authentic Taste – Good Quality Pizza

The overall taste was extremely authentic and good quality with a taste of fresh ingredients. The chewy crust, quality ingredients and friendly service made the pizza lunch a pleasure to enjoy.

Merrittville Wood Fire Pizza offers a menu featuring Cheese ($13), Cheese and Pepperoni ($14), Margherita ( a popular choice), Canadian ($16), Hawaiian, Veggie Deluxe ($18). For an extra $5.00 you can add prosciutto as a topping, or only $1.00 extra for each add-on gets you green olives, hot peppers, mushrooms, or feta, among other options.

Pizza Chef Danny says they are planning to offer a delivery service for customers in Thorold and Welland. Phone 289-438-2265

Check it out, Merrittville Wood Fired Pizza. Let’s shop where we live and love where we shop. Shop Thorold!

Paul Carfagnini

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