Overtime Pub | Restaurant Review | Jon-Paul Carfagnini

It is not easy getting a seat at the Overtime Pub on Fridays between 5:30-8pm. However if you’re willing to wait a few minutes for a memorable experience, I’d say it’s definitely worth it.

The great Yogi Berra once said, “nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”

However the crowd at the Overtime Pub on Friday created a very authentic, family oriented Thorold scene for us.

We joined the crowd on March 29th when we dropped in to the busy Overtime Pub for their famous Friday Fish & Chips. The great service enhanced the experience which definitely surpassed my expectations. We were welcomed by Sherry, an experienced server who knows her stuff. She mentioned all the draft beers available on tap.

Sherry showed us that “Overtime servers pour the drinks how they like to drink them.” So our glasses were filled nicely to the brim. For round one, we ordered the special, Old Style Friday Pilsner, only $5 for a 20 ounce glass. Old Style was a refreshing, crisp discovery that pleased the palate.

I enjoyed a very personable experience as I saw how OTP servers treat customers like their family. In a sense, patrons represent the hometown crowd when they are treated to OTP’s line-up of food and great service. The servers work well as a team ensuring that thirsts are quenched, and the food comes out hot.

Visuals Create Hometown Spirit

Visuals enhance the atmosphere. Programming on 16 TV screens surrounds the room for patrons to watch all the games. Interesting sports memorabilia also enhances the décor with a hometown spirit.  

Seating for groups or couples at booths, tables or bar sides accommodated the full house. It was extremely noisy at this peak time, which created challenges for table conversations.

We browsed through the menu that covers all the bases for a pub. For “pre-game warm-ups” the selection of typical pub-style starters is par for the course.  The menu offers a line-up of salads, burgers, poutine, nachos, subs or wraps. However we were there for the Fish & Chips, Pizza and Wings.

Friendly and Attentive Service

Servers Sherry and Aribella managed expectations by updating us when our food would be ready.  The long wait pushed our patience. But as we know, a good thing is worth waiting for, and that truism was proven when we tasted the ‘Franks and Butter’ Wings which came with our Penalty Shot Combo. The wings were served with generous portions of blue cheese, freshly cut carrots and celery pieces. OTP offers baked, and fried wings. I ordered my wings fried and surely was not disappointed. The combo came with 20 wings and a 16-slice pizza for $39.99. The pizza was baked to perfection, thick and fluffy crust, smothered in cheese and topped with pepperoni.

Sherry _ server Overtime Pub_JP_Carfagnini
Sherry, our Overtime server was helpful and friendly

Exquisite Value

Now we know why the Overtime Pub is famous for Fish and Chips. We enjoyed the Friday 2 Piece Dinner Special for $12.99 and given the quality and quantity it proved to be an exquisite value. The haddock was lightly battered, very tasty and large portions were served.

Check out their specials or read their menu online at theovertimepub.ca. The Overtime Pub is located 206 Richmond St , next to Big Red Market.

Sidebar: If a pub is too quiet and dull, then the food likely is to reflect that mood. The crowd at a bar & grill tends to reflect the vibrant quality of the food and the upbeat performance of service. Based on my experience it is clear to me why OTP is so busy on Fridays. Great food, and great service, leads to a great experience – every time and especially at the Overtime Pub.

Jon-Paul Carfagnini

Jon-Paul Carfagnini is a Media Communications student at Brock University and lifetime resident of Thorold, Ontario. As an avid food and culture write, J.P. contributes monthly restaurant reviews for the MY Thorold community newsletter. Supervisors and teachers who have worked with Jon-Paul say that he is a caring and responsible person who tries hard to satisfy the needs of other people. Enthusiasm is a part of his personality that comes out when dealing with people from customers to members of community groups. As a volunteer for numerous charities, J.P. truly believes in the idea of personal improvement through community betterment. A graduate of Denis Morris High School in St. Catharines feels it is important to give back to the community and help people in need. Coaches and players who know J.P. say he is strong on teamwork, on the field, in the classroom, and on the job. He believes that Together Everyone Achieves More by working as a team, and that has showed in the academics and athletics in his career. Co-workers can feel confident that he will bring a positive attitude, a loyal commitment to the workplace, and take instructions to get the job done right.