Pharmacist Awareness Month | Henderson’s Pharmacy

March is Pharmacist Awareness Month!
Your pharmacist at Henderson’s Pharmacy is ready to help in more ways than you think.
Speak with your pharmacist about all your health needs. Pharmacists provide vaccinations, support for managing chronic conditions and common ailments, help with quit smoking and much more!
Pharmacists are your medication experts and so much more.
Ask a pharmacist about all the ways they can help improve your health.
Questions about your medications? Pharmacists are the most equipped health care provider to help you understand and best use your medications.


  • Your pharmacist may provide convenient access to vaccinations, including the flu shot and travel vaccines.
  • Your pharmacist can help you manage chronic diseases like diabetes or hypertension.
  • If you’re thinking about quitting smoking, your pharmacist can help with support, products and medication if needed.
  • Your pharmacist can play a big role in helping you quit smoking. Henderson’s offers smoking cessation programs and support.
  • Did you know that Henderson’s Pharmacy offers blister packaging? Stop in and ask us how they can help you better manage your health.
  • Try to use the same pharmacy for all your prescriptions so your health file is always up-to-date.
  • Your pharmacist is an expert on medication and can also help with many other health-related topics. Just ask!
  • Don’t throw old or unused medications in the garbage or down the toilet! Your pharmacy will take it back and dispose of it safely.

Talk to your pharmacist about everything you take. Even over-the-counter medications, vitamins and natural health products matter.
Tell us your pharmacy stories on Henderson’s Facebook page and join the conversation during Pharmacist Awareness Month in March.

Christina Carfagnini

Christina Carfagnini is proud of her hometown of Thorold, Ontario, and has a passion for healthcare and community service. A graduate of Western University ( Bachelor of Medical Sciences) and Brock University ( Masters Public Health), Christina is an M.D. Candidate currently studying at Saba University School of Medicine. Active in the community, she has also been a loyal volunteer on the Niagara Health Expo held at the Hotel Dieu Shaver. The 6th annual Expo will be held on Sat., Oct. 19, and Christina is glad to join the team of volunteers on the event planning group.