Pharmacist John Henderson: “I am not ready to retire, yet”

Pharmacists Michael and John Henderson

What do you hope for these days? Do you hope for happiness?
How many of us hope for health and wellness?
For 80 years customers have put their hopes in Henderson’s Pharmacy.
Now it is time for Niagara to celebrate in May.

“I am not ready to retire yet. So we hope everyone will join our pharmacy’s 80th anniversary celebration,” said John Henderson.

Everyone is invited to visit Henderson’s to enter a free a ballot and hope to win prizes in May. Customers can also shop for 80 cent deal on special promotion dates.

Full Service Pharmacy Serving Community 7 Days Week

Henderson’s is a full service pharmacy where customers get prescriptions filled, find over the counter medications or home health care products. It’s convenient to shop at Henderson’s with an array of health, beauty, and nutritional products, cards, gifts, snacks, and much more.

“We also encourage patients to speak with a pharmacist about their health and wellness needs,” said Mr. Henderson, owner / operator of the local pharmacy.

Pictured above, Pharmacist Michael in conversation with John Henderson as they compare the advancements in pharmacy over the years, showing an old scale from many years ago and the modern digital equipment used at Henderson’s today.

What does John hope for in the future?

“We’re proud of our pharmacy’s heritage and remain committed to personally serving our patients. We are here for patients when they need us,” he added.

Henderson’s Pharmacy is open 7 days a week with free delivery on prescriptions and all products.

What more could you hope for?

Learn to live well, speak with a pharmacist at with Henderson’s Pharmacy, serving the community since 1939. 15 Front Street South, Thorold.

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