Riganelli’s Bakery Permanently Closes Business

As people in Thorold look back and reflect on memories of Riganelli’s Bakery, I figured it might be a good time to pop up an archived article I retrieved from my files on the local business that closed recently. Hopefully, this showcase page I published in The Standard in 2007 will satisfy the sentimental yearning for nostalgia in our community.

As current news reports tell us, Riganelli’s Bakery is gone. The locally owned business closed its doors to customers on Saturday, July 31st.

The small business was established in Thorold by the Riganelli family in 1957. In 1999, a former employee at the bakery Nick Dell’Omo purchased the Thorold-based company and operated it until the closure in 2021 to head into retirement. Let’s wish Nick and Riganelli’s staff all the best in the future.

We hear that the building located at 16 Ormond Street South has been sold to new owners. Evidently, the property will become a private residence, according to Thorold Today.

Over the years, Riganelli’s customers have conveyed many memories of the local bakery with a rich history in our community. In 2007, a special section was published in The St. Catharines Standard to celebrate Riganelli’s 50th anniversary. Read this chapter in the company’s history in our community.

Lots of passion and pride combined with good people have proven to be key ingredients in the recipe for business success at Riganelli’s Bakery. It all started fifty years ago when four men graduated from their bread delivery service to buy a bakery. Riganelli’s Bakery was born. Fast-forward to today, and another young man who handled a delivery service for Riganelli’s continues to grow the business.

Excerpt from page on Riganelli’s Bakery featured in The Standard, 2007

Article Celebrated Riganelli’s 50th Anninversary in 2007

In the article published in 2007, then-owner of Riganelli’s Bakery, Nick Dell’Omo expressed his feeling on operating the local business.

“Operating a bakery is a very demanding business. It takes a lot of time and most importantly a very dedicated staff. The business has to run 7 days a week. Our workers start in the early hours. I am grateful our staff has a passion for the business and they meet the challenges to bake quality products,”

Nick Dell’Omo, Riganelli’s Bakery, Owner, 2007
Riganelli’s Bakey shown a few weeks prior to closing in July 2021.

To everyone at Riganelli’s, we’re going to miss you!

Wishing you enjoy a wonderful retirement
and all the very best in future endeavours!

Paul Carfagnini

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