Santa Claus Found in the Welland Canal | Lock Seven Thorold

Bob Merill Humour writer My Thorold
Bob Merill Humour writer My Thorold

Santa Claus Found in the Welland Canal | Lock Seven Thorold is a Short Story by Bob Merrill: Contributing Writer of Humour and Good Vibes in MY Thorold

Once upon a Christmas Eve while walking along the Welland Canal, south of lock seven in MY Thorold, a strange and wondrous thing happened. The night sky became clear and the wind stopped.  Then the evening and night transitioned into a perfect Christmas Eve.

Out of the silence, bells could be heard. The sound escalated louder with every second, and then in a quick swish it all stopped.  I glanced into the canal bottom and saw Santa Claus and his reindeers. Scurrying down the canal bank across from the Inn at Lock 7, I approached the big man in the bright red suit. He was surprised but happy to say a friendly hello in that jolly voice we have learned to appreciate.

He informed me about their busy schedule including visits to the well-behaved Brock University students and also all the kids that have been very nice across the community.  The group had stopped to adjust a giant load of presents in the sleigh headed for Thorold South.  Evidently, there was not much time to talk. Santa promised that after Christmas we would get together for a chat. Then in a wink of an eye, Santa and the reindeer soared from the frozen canal bottom and the team vanished sky high into the night.

The Christmas celebration, New Year’s Eve parties, and the holiday season ended. I settled into a normal way of winter life. Then without notice one night, I amazingly ascended to the North Pole and was seated across from jolly St. Nick. I could not miss out on this chance to ask Santa what really happened when we met at the canal.  I begged for an answer to satisfy my curiosity.

“It’s like I told you. I stop there each year to adjust the load. We don’t want to lose anything,” said Kris Kringle, aka Santa Claus.

“Hasn’t anyone ever found you there before?” I asked Father Christmas.

“You’re the first person to ask me that question. The people who operate the canal might know I have been there.  Apparently, they have been monitoring Santa’s travels since 1932.  Check it out,” he said.

In a follow up question I asked Santa “the presents you were adjusting, just between you and me, how, I mean how do you do it,” I asked Santa.

“It takes a full year to do our work for Christmas Eve.  We have to start a new toy plant in the Antarctic. I will share a little secret with you. Scientists have been wrong about the Artic and Antarctica. The colored lights they see in the north and south are just the glow off mountains of toys. It gets so bright the elves have to wear goggles,” said Santa.

“That is amazing,” I replied.

“You know young man you were very lucky that night we first met.  I was training a new apprentice reindeer. You are one of the first to see him in action. The new reindeer’s name is Astor from Comet’s herd. He was born at RRFD,” said Santa.

“What is RRFD,” I asked.

“Reindeer Research Facility Diefenbaker is our newest facility. When we expanded our toy production the reindeer came with us. Did you know there are three herds? The main herd is right where we are now, one in northern Europe, and the third herd can be found at RRFD in the Antarctic,” said Santa.

I started to wonder about this news, only to be informed that our time together had expired. Before you could say Santa Claus, I was awakened by a gentle touch while sitting at home in my big comfy chair. Feeling a tap on my shoulder, my wife offered me a cup of hot chocolate.  She wanted to talk about Christmas.

Let’s all talk about Christmas in MY Thorold. I continue to visit the canal every year on Christmas Eve; I hear jingle bells but no Santa Claus has been seen ever again in the water there.  Reliable sources tell us jolly St. Nick is very happy and planning more visits to My Thorold.

What is your story about Santa Claus in MY Thorold?

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