Shop Thorold Campaign | Support Local Business Every Day


As we see the reopening of businesses, parks, healthcare services, and community agencies in Niagara, we also hear comments by people who are concerned that some Thorold companies will not survive. Today is the time to act locally. 

In an effort to support our local businesses, we ask everyone in our community to refer to campaigns presented by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business or other organizations pushing the shop local theme.  The CFIB campaign – Small Business Every Day – encourages all Canadians to shop at independently owned businesses.

Shop Small Business

Customers will find campaign posters displayed by CFIB merchants such as Henderson’s Pharmacy in Thorold thanking their customers for their support.

The primary point presented on the poster reminds us that our individual decisions to shop at small businesses make a positive difference.

We hear people in our community say the poster “makes me want to shop at a local business” and “reminds me to do my share to support small business.”

Consider what we can do today to Shop Thorold

Recommend your favourite businesses in Thorold. As we work together to promote local business, we should encourage all residents, and people we know in surrounding areas, to promote their favourite Thorold businesses.  Let’s get the positive word of mouth going and talk about Thorold businesses.  Share the love and push the news on social media. This is as simple as recommending your favourite businesses with the hashtag #ShopThorold and encouraging everyone you know to do the same.

Stay tuned for a new Shop Thorold campaign to be produced by Divine Media.  The campaign is being designed to promote initiatives to get everyone involved in a community-wide drive focused on small business recovery.

Thank you for your continued support as we all work together on the recovery of small businesses in Thorold. Please stay in touch and join the conversation on our Facebook page

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