St Andrews Church - New Minister - Lending Library

St. Andrew’s Church Welcomes New Minister – Opens Lending Library

It is an exciting time in the life of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Thorold. Members of the congregation hope the excitement spreads through the community.
The feeling of great enthusiasm and joy at St. Andrew’s has grown recently with their introduction of a new Minister along with the opening a lending library for the community.
During the pandemic, a search committee at St. Andrew’s was busy with meetings via Zoom to interview and hire their new minister, the Reverend Shaara Katocz.
She has travelled to Thorold from Nova Scotia, to accept the call at St. Andrew’s Thorold.

“We have welcomed her into our congregation. Reverend Shaara is a sincere, warm, and comforting person. It was amazing what we could accomplish with Zoom!

stated Kelly Liddycoat in a Press Release from St. Andrew’s Church

Lending Library Opens

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Thorold is ready to open their Lending Library!

We had plans to open sooner, but with the pandemic shutting things down, we have held off until now. The Lending Library started out as an idea from St. Andrew’s Ceilidh Group (meaning “a gathering of friends”).

Kelly Liddycoat

One of the members of their congregation, a retired minister and an author, the Reverend Tijs Theijsmeijer , offered to build the library. The wheels were set in motion and now, finally, St. Andrew’s can offer books for both children and adults in the community to take, read and recycle back to the library.

All people in our community are invited to go to St. Andrew’s 24 Clairmont Street (on the coroner of Ormond).

Come and see this outstanding library, shaped like a castle – you can find the library on the West (Ormond Street) side of the church building.

Kelly Liddycoat