TATAC Safety Tips for Cyclists Pedestrians Motorists

The Thorold Active Transportation Committee is presenting a public service message to raise awareness of road safety for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists. TATAC reminds us everyone on the roads that safety is a team effort. As motorists its’ very important you treat cyclists just like any other vehicle and drive with caution around them.

Walking and cycling are healthy and environmentally friendly ways to travel. The Thorold Active Transportation Advisory Committee works to encourage safe active transportation. Please follow these tips when you are on the roads and stay safe.

Be visible!

Cyclists are safest when other road or path users can see them.

Be vigilant!

Cyclists need to know what is going on around them on the road or path.

Pedestrian Safety

Cross at corners with traffic lights or stop signs. Never cross in the middle of the block.

Vehicle Safety

Follow the 1 metre rule! When passing either pedestrians cyclists slow down and leave 1 metre between your vehicle and the person.

We encourage you to carefully watch your surroundings. Pedestrians – keep distance from other people and moving traffic when walking on a sidewalk or road. Drivers (bike or car) – be extra cautious and slow down when people have to walk on the road.

Did you know the City of Thorold supports the Share the Road campaign with the “Stay Back, Stay Safe” decals on each of the City of Thorold vehicles?

Share The Road – TATAC Video


Let’s all be good citizens!

Thorold active transportation committee

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