Ten Reasons to Shop Local for Prosperous Community

shop thorold 10 reasons

Supporting local, small business is a proven way to create a strong and prosperous community. There are many reasons to support local, independent businesses in Thorold, Ontario.  Consider the following benefits of a unified shop local community.

1. Retain Local Dollars in Thorold Economy

Dollars spent in locally-owned businesses by Thorold residents and visitors have three times the impact on our community as the money applied to purchases at big box superstores or corporate, multinational companies. When you purchase from small businesses in Thorold, you also boost employment, help finance municipal services through commercial property taxes.  Overall, spending locally is an investment in community improvements and raises prosperity across Thorold.

2. Promote Local Heritage to Build Prosperity

Thorold is a unique community.  As a one-of-a-kind place, Thorold has a rich heritage which we’re building for prosperity in the future. When residents support locally owned businesses, we do our part to help strengthen local diversity and the unique culture in Thorold.

3. Local Variety Is Good

A distinct variety of unique local businesses is a great way to create a vibrant community for residents and visitors to enjoy the made in Thorold lifestyle.

4. Unity in Community

There has to be unity for a healthy community. Research shows that locally owned companies help maintain strong communities by supporting the people and groups that support their businesses.  This shows how the local unity in connecting with businesses in our neighbourhood also supports our Thorold clubs, teams and charitable organizations.

5. Age-Friendly and Accessible Environment

Our local businesses in the downtown core contribute to an active, cohesive, accessible, age-friendly community.  Creating a sustainable environment in the downtown core also helps lower urban sprawl, car traffic congestion.

6. Local Business Decisions

When a business is locally owned it leads to important decisions made by people in our community.  As a result, our local merchants and Thorold residents can sense the impacts of their decisions.

7. Promote Local Investment

Investments in local businesses promote economic development and prosperity across Thorold. As local companies prosper with this entrepreneurship we see families make advancements from minimum wage jobs to a better living wage lifestyle.

8. Employment and Personal Incomes

When you spend money at locally owned businesses, your purchases make a positive impact on employment so your neighbours get jobs in Thorold.  In some cases, we also hear that local companies pay workers relatively higher wages and benefits than corporate, multinational companies.

9. Municipal Cost-Efficiencies

In the long-term picture, local businesses in the downtown core and other commercial areas require relatively lower infrastructure.  On average, our local businesses are more efficient when it comes to municipal services and development expenses in comparison to big box superstores or the mega shopping centres.

10. Local Product Selection for You

An array of small businesses in Thorold can offer their own unique selection of products and services for local customers. Our independent, locally owned stores do not have to carry a nationally driven product mix. Small businesses in Thorold focus on their local customers’ interests and ensure a better match of services and product options. Many times, if we ask a local merchant for a type of product, they will try and get it for us.


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What other reasons would you say to shop local?

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