Conversation on Proposed Amalgamations | Niagara Municipalities

How do you feel about the news on the rumoured regionalization of Niagara municipalities including the amalgamation of Thorold with St. Catharines?

This is the question we posed on our Facebook page on February 17. The conversation engaged our FB Fans sharing their perspectives on the topic. Evidently, the province’s review of regional governments could lead into forced municipal amalgamations to possibly create only four cities in Niagara.
It sure has people talking! Here are a few comments in the conversation.

Nancy Beauregard LEAVE THINGS ALONE!

Eric D. Scott If you have to merge, then merge into one mega city or nothing at all.

Pat Berti Under the Harris PC government, amalgamation was forced in some regions. I ask, was bigger better? Were there any savings, or benefits that have occurred? I ask, because I do not know and I would like to see data that supports these decisions.

Marilyn Fraser St. Catharines has wanted to take over Thorold for years. Thorold has building room whereas St. Catharines is just doing in-filling. The taxes in Thorold are lower than St. Catharines so you can be sure that will change quickly and not in favour of Thorold.

M Greg Lidstone Will Thorold South be standing alone as always since Thorold has long forgotten the huge tax revenue Thorold South factories gave to Thorold for so many years? Maybe the city of St. Catharines would make an investment in Thorold South and do an environmental clean up.

Lisa Huhse No way. Thorold is Thorold.

Dan Kurchak This is so wrong. Imperial St. Catharines wants its way again.

Billie Martin NO Way ,……..

Mark Chrisp Everyone does not like change, change will come sadly.

Let’s all realize to change, and to improve; are two different things.

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