Reincarnate – Paranormal Thriller – Author Dean Serravalle

A passion for writing fiction has driven Dean Serravalle to author several books including his latest release Reincarnate by the proud Thorold native.

“As a Thorold born author, I spent many days at the Thorold Library honing my craft and dreaming of being a novelist.  This is my fifth published novel by a traditional press, but my first paranormal thriller, ”

Dean Serravalle
Psychiatrist speaks to spirits via hypnotism in attempt to find his missing son

Oscar Predest is a prominent child psychiatrist specializing in hypnosis. When his son Tobias goes missing, Oscar abandons his whole life to find him. After countless failed searches, Oscar is approached one night by a woman with an unusual request – an invitation to her son’s exorcism. Surprised to hear a “specialist” has been solicited from the Vatican, Oscar attends the ceremony only to find that the voice possessing the boy recognizes him. This voice reveals itself as the spirit who once inhabited the man who murdered Oscar’s son.



Author: Dean Serravalle 

Publication Date: September 6, 2021 

eBook, List $4.99 . 6×9 Trade Paper, 235 pages, List: $15.99

ISBN: 978-1-952816-77-2 

Paranormal Thriller | Psychological Thriller

Alongside Lauren, the detective who led the search for his missing son, Oscar investigates the crime on another, paranormal front. What they find, in this spiritual autopsy, is a murderer with a mysterious history, which in turn leads Oscar back to the possessed child, Ryan. Through hypnosis, Oscar manages to speak to the spirit. These therapeutic sessions are as explorative as they are dangerous. But Oscar needs to know more about the conventions of this alternative world of reincarnated spirits. It opens doors of impossibility never imagined by Oscar or the Vatican specialist, Father Bosco.

As Oscar inches closer and closer to this forbidden tree of knowledge, Father Bosco, the exorcist from the Vatican, begins to exhibit strange behavior, with visible, physical injuries. What results is an apocalyptic finale between good and evil in the reincarnated world, shedding new
insight into the controversial theories of predestination and reincarnation, where Oscar, Father Bosco, Ryan, Lauren, Theresa, and even Nathan’s spirit, encounter findings of an extraordinary nature.

Dean Serravalle is the author of the critically acclaimed novels Reliving Charley, Chameleon (Days), Lock 7, and Where I Fall, Where She Rises; a national award-winning teacher; and the founder of Writers4peace, a non profit organization which aims to mentor students interested in publishing writing aimed at social justice issues. He lives in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Learn more about this local talent on for more information about Dean’s work and career.

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