Thorold Dog Park Location Survey

Did anybody ask the dogs?

The City of Thorold is on the hunt for feedback from residents to help determine the location of our community’s first dog park. Staff have identified three possible locations for the dog park to be constructed. Those interested in this initiative can participate in a community survey that will close on Friday, April 9th at 4PM. 
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For starters, the survey asks if the respondent is a Thorold resident. If yes, then the survey asks what area in Thorold does the resident live in.

Then the survey advances to possible dog park locations including Rolling Meadows, Allanburg Community Centre, Village of Beaverdams Park. Information on each option is provided to help respondents asses the location for a dog park. The survey asks respondents to rank the three locations to show their preferred option. Although the question allows a respondent to add a comment on the location ranking question, the survey does not allow for none of the above or other place.

So residents in the Confederation area, for example, would probably need to drive an automobile and park near one of the proposed dog park locations to use the municipal space.

Would you like to see the city open a Thorold Dog Park in a difrent part of the community, or possibly more than just one area?

There have many suggested Thorold dog park locations over the years.The plan for a Thorold dog park has been running around the community for a few years. Back in 2017, the city council requested staff to produce a report on the dog park idea. So here we are today, maybe barking up the wrong tree.


Did anybody ever ask the dogs where they would like to have their park in Thorold?

Let’s face it, dogs are in charge. So if the park is for dogs we should also seek their feedback.
Here’s another question a new dog park survey could ask us. If aliens saw us walking our dogs and picking up their poop, who would they think is in charge?

If aliens saw us walking our dogs and picking up their poop,
who would they think is in charge?

Ask The Dogs

Email with questions or concerns on this matter.

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