New Business Moves into Thorold Multimodal Hub Adjacent to Welland Canal

HOPA Ports recently announced that Tora Inc will be a new tenant in the Thorold Multimodal Hub adjacent to the Welland Canal.

Tora Inc. provides warehousing, sorting, assembly and other services for domestic and international manufacturers. In a media release, HOPA reported that Tora, aSt. Catharines-based company, will occupy 60,000 sq. ft of warehouse space within the recently-opened Thorold Multimodal Hub. The Hub is a 200-acre multimodal industrial complex in Thorold, Ontario, managed by HOPA Ports.

“This expansion is an important next step in our business growth. From this new facility we are better able to provide our growing customer base with a wider range of services.”

said Scott DeMont General Manager & Partner with Tora Inc.

Thorold Multimodal Hub Is Unique to Niagara

Adjacent to the Welland Canal, the Thorold Multimodal Hub site is unique to Niagara. It features marine, rail and highway access, as well as indoor warehouse and outdoor storage space, which can be configured to a wide variety of industrial, cargo handling and ancillary operations. Leases available to Hub tenants include indoor, outdoor, turnkey and develop-to-suit. Companies locating here will benefit from the proximity to the U.S. border, the availability of marine and rail, and strategic location in the Niagara-Hamilton-Toronto trade corridor.

“We’re pleased to welcome Tora to the HOPA Ports network. Tora’s business is a growing success story in Niagara, and we are delighted to be able to offer the facilities and transportation connections to help the company thrive.”

Jeremy Dunn, Commercial Vice President with HOPA Ports.

“We’re proud to support Ontario manufacturing; providing the industrial space and transportation connections to attract new investment, create jobs, and help companies compete. The Thorold Multimodal Hub leverages Niagara’s strategic assets to achieve that goal,” said Dunn.

From its new location, Tora will be able to connect with its customers in North America or globally. With its variety of service offerings, Tora plays an essential role in Ontario’s manufacturing supply chain, which makes it an excellent fit within the HOPA Ports network.

“The City of Thorold is uniquely positioned to be the engine of a new era of manufacturing in Niagara and a hub for transportation and logistics through the Thorold Multimodal Hub”

Terry Ugulini, Mayor of the City of Thorold.  

“This investment by Tora is a testament to that.  The efficient movement of goods has never been more important to domestic and global supply chains, and I welcome this great business and their investment to the City of Thorold.”

Terry Ugulini, Mayor of the City of Thorold.  

Thorold Business Hub Has Space Available

HOPA Ports manages the Thorold hub, and has spaces available for other companies interested in indoor, outdoor, turnkey and develop-to-suit workplaces. 

About Tora Inc.

Since 1993, Tora has been run by a group of quality conscious manufacturing people that recognized the need for a quality sorting facility with warehousing capabilities. With over 90 employees, and 3 different facilities, we are servicing customers throughout the world. Our skilled and diverse team provide excellent service while providing a great variety of expertise.

About HOPA Ports

HOPA Ports (Hamilton Oshawa Port Authority) is an integrated port network on the Great Lakes, with facilities in Hamilton, Oshawa and Niagara. HOPA’s facilities comprise 1,000 acres of land and handle 10 million MT of cargo per year, which is connected to 40,000 jobs and $6 billion in economic activity in Ontario. HOPA is developing multimodal spaces to support Ontario’s industries and facilitate trade. By investing in high-quality infrastructure and prioritizing sustainability, HOPA is building prosperous working waterfronts in Ontario communities.

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