Big Red – Holy Rosary Fundraiser Is Win-Win

Our food review is taking a creative twist in May as we check out some specialty products from Big Red Markets in Thorold, while twirling in a community event at Holy Rosary Hall.

Sometimes negative things occur before positive results happen. This is the case with the Big Red Markets fundraising campaign presented by Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church. It’s a sweet idea that is heating up just in time for the outdoor grilling season.

The campaign stems from the news about the tractor that was stolen from the parish in November. So the fundraising turns a bad thing into a win-win opportunity. We can buy local, taste delicious foods at affordable prices, and support Holy Rosary.
Big Red will donate $10.00 per box sold to the Holy Rosary fundraising drive.

Order great deals on-line for the Big Red Fundraiser Program through the Holy Rosary website

  • Hamburgers
  • Jumbo Hot Dogs
  • Pub Style Chicken Fingers
  • Sliced Bacon
  • Chicken Wings (raw or breaded),
  • Pizza Rolls
  • Breakfast Sausages
  • Sliced Peameal Bacon

Place the order through the parish and proceeds will go directly to Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church to help offset the cost of their new tractor purchased to replace the one stolen in November.

Big Red will deliver all the boxes ordered by customers to Holy Rosary on Friday, May 21. Curbside pick up service will be offered from 4 to 6 pm behind the hall, near the rear entrance. It should be a great way to stock up for the long holiday weekend.

Big Red Bacon

Big Red is famous for their melt-in-your-mouth bacon that tastes great. I find that the Big Red bacon is leaner and meatier than other brands. It would be a lofty challenge to find top quality bacon around Niagara that comes from verified hog producers and sells for such a fair price. Better hogs means better bacon creating a delicious taste for carnivores in Niagara to enjoy.

Lesters Jumbo Hot Dogs

Lesters Jumbo Hot Dogs are very meaty with a traditional flavour These Jumbos have a decent balance of fat content resulting in a pleasing texture. With the Big Red deal, Lesters offers great value as an all-purpose hot dog. The Jumbos match up to two hot dog sausages in a single longer bun. I prefer grilling hot dogs, but you could also steam, boil, or pan fry Lesters to suit your taste. Either way, these hot dogs match up tastefully with mustard and relish.

Big Red Chicken Fingers.

As one of our family favourites, the Big Red Chicken Fingers are quick and easy to heat up and serve. The golden-brown colour is visually appealing and the chicken tastes delicious. The meaty strips of tender chicken are very crispy with a light batter. The boneless strips are flavoured nicely and taste like a hint of mild seasonings brings this food together.

Big Red Chicken Wings (breaded or raw options)

“Holy fresh! The meatiest chicken wings,” exclaimed one customer in a Google review for Big Red. That says it all about Big Red wings that seem to fly off the shelves at the store, which should prove their popularity gained over the years.

Big Red Pizza Rolls

Big Red Pizza Rolls have golden brown appearance around the crispy crust filled with an authentic tomato-sauce spiced with an oregano flavour and subtle taste of herbs. These rolls are a feast for the eyes and taste delicious. The flavours please the palate with a sweet and savory sauce and fair balance of crust-to-sauce ratio. We like the rolls as a tasty snack food that actually taste like pizza.

Big Red Fundraiser Holy Rosary

As a local favourite, Big Red is really much more than these frozen food products featured in the fundraising program. Big Red has been satisfying customers for many years by offering fresh, top quality meats and fresh vegetables and fruit at reasonable prices.

Located in the Confederation Heights area at 206 Richmond Street,Thorold, Big Red also offers a deli and catering services including their famous roast beef and gravy. The Big Red deli section contains an array of meats, cheeses, cold salads , meat on a stick and ready made products such as; deli trays, pulled pork, ribs, chicken, penne & meatballs as well as heat and serve meals.

As a small business that was first trusted as a local butcher shop, Big Red has evolved into a large, full service food company. Its recipe for success is based on competitive pricing, quality products, friendly service, and giving back to the community.

As a community promotion, this shop local campaign shows us the potential of a peer-to-peer fundraiser that uses existing personal connections or networks to raise money to support a charitable cause.

“Invite your family and friends to place an order. Multiple orders can be included on each order form. If the quantity is too much perhaps share a box with another family.”

Sandra Romano, Holy Rosary Parish bookkeeper

All orders must be received at the Parish Office, with full payment, by Monday, May 17. Order on-line for the Big Red Fundraiser Program through the Holy Rosary website

If you have questions, please call Sandra Romano, Holy Rosary Parish, 905-227-5971 or send an email to

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