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Do It Yourself Landlords will get a break in managing rental buildings during these difficult times thanks to support by Extreme Property Management.

Landlords are facing immense challenges in the rental market. For instance, an opening for a typical rental will receive an average of 40 applications, says George Cottage, President of Extreme Property Management. Hence, the DIY landlords are overwhelmed in effectively screening all the applicants, and most importantly finding reliable tenants. In many cases, the DIY landlords make mistakes in the screening process and get stiffed with non-payers. The missed rent payments over seversal months results in financial hardships for the property owners.

Evicting bad tenants has become a nightmare for many landlords. This is unpecendented in the rental housing market, says Cottage, who has more than 50 years of experience in property management in Niagara.

Tribunals are months behind in handling disputes. So finding good tenants that pay rent on time is essential for the DIY landlords but next to impossible in many cases.

George Cottage, President, Extreme Property Management

Furthermore, he adds that the steady phone calls to landlords to address complaints, maintenance and repairs, among other issues compounds the stress and mental health concerns. Evidently, many landlords are finding it very difficult in coping with the restrictions during the pandemic.

Where can landlords in Thorold and surrounding areas turn for some support?

Whether the landlords own a single, multi-unit building, apartment building or a condominium, Extreme Property Management will provide one free month of service when they take advantage of a new client trial offer in March.

Extreme provides management of homes, individual condominium units, duplexes, triplexes and walk-up buildings as well as commercial properties. In Thorold, landlords with rental buildings can also request Extreme for assistance on landlord licensing.

“Our clients enjoy the benefits of our in-house maintenance service, in-house fire safety service, savings on insurance and the availability of paralegal advice,”

George Cottage, President, Extreme Property Management

With over 50 years of experience, Extreme turns landlord rental problems into profits. Go to Extreme Property or phone George Cottage directly at 905-328-3141.

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