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Peppinos thorold restaurant review

By Jon-Paul Carfagnini
When food is involved, we can’t rush a good taste. If you accept this philosophy, then it helps to imagine what we discovered at Peppino’s Italian Eatery & Cafe on Saturday, February 29.
Tucked in the corner of a high traffic intersection on Pine and Richmond in Thorold, Peppino’s finally opened for customers in mid-February. Many hungry days ago, you may have noticed the eye-catching “Opening Soon” sign on their store front. As they say, a good thing is worth waiting for, especially when we’re eating pizza in Thorold.

I ordered the Medium 12-Slice which was on special for $13.95, includes the choice of two items. So we tried pepperoni and bacon.
The well-baked crust was superb. Usually I am not a pizza crust fan, but when it is baked perfectly (like my Nonna Rosa makes it), I savour every bite of crispiness.

Jon-Paul Carfagnini , Brock University student, sports management

Peppino’s offers an authentic style pizza using bacon strips instead of bits. Mounds of cheese topped the pizza to create a good flop. The result packs in a chewy, zesty taste and not greasy or oily.
Locally owned and family operated, Peppino’s offers some specialty pizzas including the gluten free option.

In addition to a Calzone, Peppino’s menu offers a variety of subs including this exquisite Veal Sandwich.

The new Thorold eatery is Peppino’s second pizzeria. Their first location was on York Street in St Catharines. The new address is 103 Pine St. S., but the entrance is on the Richmond Street side. We’re glad they are sharing their experience to spice up Thorold’s food culture.
For instance, Peppino’s Chicken Wings are baked in the oven instead of deep fried offering a healthier alternative for wing lovers. A pound of wings at Peppino’s is $11.95.
The Chicken Fingers were served with yummy plum sauce and ketchup for the Fries. Peppino’s soft French Fries melt in your mouth. Generous portions satisfied our appetite all around. The combo was a good value for a Chicken Finger meal at $8.95.
As a family owned and operated business, Peppino’s takes pride in offering their customers very friendly service. And we like the hospitality.

Overall, we were very happy with our first experience at Peppino’s. It was a very comfortable and clean environment. They opened two weeks before I dropped in so they were not serving everything shown on their menu such as the Jalapeño Poppers (one of my favourite appetizers so that was a bit of downer, but a good reason to return soon)
As the weather heats up, we’re looking forward to return to Peppino’s to taste their Gelato.

Peppino’s is hoping to inspire Thorold with their passion for pizza and I feel that it is something our city has craved. I would encourage people of all ages to check out Peppino’s at the corner of Richmond and Pine to satisfy all your cravings and desires. I bet you won’t be disappointed with the price, quality or service. I feel they have a little something there for everyone, even a refreshing Brio pop to quench your thirst.
It is so authentic you can really taste the difference when it’s made with Peppino’s tender loving care.

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