Successful Thorold Fertilizer Sale Donates $12,000 in 10 Years

thorold fertilizer sale 10th annual

John and Teresa Tepylo are happy to report that the 10th annual Thorold Fertilizer Sale keeps on growing with another successful event held over a 3-day promotion at the Pine Plaza in Thorold.     

We are delighted to report that a total of $1580.00 was raised from this year’s fertilizer sale (Thorold’s 10th), of which $790.00 each was donated to Community Care, Thorold and Holy Rosary’s St. Vincent de Paul Society.

stated Teresa Tepylo, event organizer.

The fundraiser was held on Friday, April 5-7 at the Pine Plaza. Buyers picked up 25kg bags of lawn fertilizer at the truckload sale.
10-10-10 GENERAL PURPOSE $22.00
15-15-15 GENERAL PURPOSE $26.00
21-7-7 50% SLOW RELEASE $27.00
28-4-8 60% SLOW RELEASE $28.00

We are forever grateful to the community and all our supporters (media, customers, etc. and the students who cheerfully helped us) in this successful endeavour. We couldn’t have done it without your loyal support and we sincerely thank you.  

Teresa added

Donations from 100 percent of the profits from the fundraiser will be given to Holy Rosary’s St. Vincent de Paul Society and Thorold’s Community.

Looking back over the 10 years that we’ve held this event, we’ve donated approximately $12,000.00 to our community organizations.

Teresa noted in a report to MY Thorold.
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