Thorold Downtown Marketing Strategy Plan

New Strategy To Set Vision for Downtown Thorold Businesses

How can your ideas help put the pieces together and sharpen the focus on a fresh marketing strategy that shapes the future of Downtown Thorold?

Share Your Ideas in Survey for Marketing Strategy

As a new marketing strategy for Downtown Thorold takes shape, local residents, merchants, visitors and community leaders will be invited to participate in the initiative including surveys and focus group research.

6 to 8 month Closure of 2- block Portion of Front St.

The marketing plan will integrate a communications program to inform the community on a major renovation in the downtown area. The plan will address a six to eight month closure of a two-block portion of Front Street, while businesses will continue to operate.
The marketing strategy is a joint undertaking of the Thorold Business Improvement Area, Thorold Tourism and the City of Thorold.

“The Thorold BIA has been actively promoting our downtown since 1985. Our BIA serves a vibrant and active downtown community including service, retail and professional businesses. This project will communicate that the downtown is open for business all year round despite any road closures,”

explains Serge Carpino, Thorold BIA Chair.

Marketing Consultant for Strategy

Thorold-based communications specialist, Paul Carfagnini will manage the campaign as a special marketing project. Paul will collaborate with residents ands merchants to shape our community’s vision of the future of downtown Thorold. He thinks it is essential to have the perspective of people from across our community to shape the downtown vision because the downtown is for everyone.

Participate in survey

Residents, merchants, and community leaders will be asked to participate in primary and secondary research. Findings will serve as a foundation to build a hyper-local marketing strategy for the BIA in 2020.

What are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats for downtown business?

An important part of the research for this project will ask survey respondents what they think about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for downtown business.
The survey will be designed to draw comments related to how residents and merchants view the future of the downtown. Here is a sample of a few questions being considered for the community survey.

  • What business or service would you like to see in the downtown that is not currently available?
  • What is a reason to come to Downtown Thorold?
  • How do you feel about the free parking lots in the downtown area?
  • Stay tuned for the official survey to be published soon for public participation.

Additionally, a focus group session will be part of primary research. Direct phone interviews with key persons will be used to gather insights for messaging in marketing communications.

A project update later in December will promote community engagement. For more information phone Paul Carfagnini 905-328-5296 or email